The Rijks Munt/ Muntgebouw is a monument in Utrecht West, where coins used to be made. Hence the name ‘Coinbuilding’. From Utrecht Central Station (Jaarbeursplein) its own walk of fame with big coins (guilders) integrated in the sidewalk, brings you to this neo-classicist building.

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walk of fame to Muntgebouw, Utrecht

It opened up in 1911 at this location at Leidseweg. Conveniently situated at Merwedekanaal, for the supply of raw materials for the making of coins. Nice fact, according to its its own website, the land was back in the days bought for fl. 8.25 per m2 with estimated building costs of fl. 476.300,-. No coins are made anymore, currently this beautiful, fully restored building hosts events and congresses.

Muntgebouw & bruggetje, Utrecht

On summer days Muntkade, a bathing jetty across the white, charming bridge leading to Lombok, is full with people swimming in the canal. From across here the sight on the monument is beautiful.

Muntgebouw, Utrecht

Though the best place to look at this majestic building is from across the other bridge, near Park Oog in Al. The way it shines in the sun, while being reflected in the water and surrounded by two crossing canals, charming bridges, houseboats and beautiful old houses. Standing here, I always feel very far from city life and it’s one of my favourite spots in Utrecht. 

Muntgebouw tekst, Utrecht
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