Bike through the old Utrecht city streets, magnificent Wilhelminapark and estates Amelisweerd & Rhijnauwen

With restaurants closed and sports events cancelled, we bike our time away through home town Utrecht. A nice, new routine at which we are often surprised when seeing new parts of the city. Today we visit a golden oldie, nature park Amelisweerd at the east side of the city, in between Utrecht and Bunnik. A biking route I like to share with you.

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# kilometres = 15k
Estimated biking time = 1 hour
Type = easy, mostly separate cycling lanes

This route brings you from Utrecht city center and dignified neighbourhood Wittevrouwen to Utrecht Science Park with its beautiful botanic gardens. From there it’s only a few minutes pedalling to beautiful nature park Amelisweerd. Back to the city, bike through peaceful Wilhelminapark and stop for some city shopping at Burgemeester Reigerstraat.

Start at Utrecht city center and Wittevrouwen

Zeeheldenbuurt, Utrecht

Start at Neude and leave the city center via Voorstraat. Pass the bridge and you bike right onto Biltstraat. This is the main street of the dignified neighbourhood Wittevrouwen, with the premier part of the street full of restaurants. At the end of Biltstraat, bike through the tunnel and turn the 1st road to the right.

TIP: Go for a walk and get to know neighbourhoods Vogelenbuurt and Wittevrouwen or choose to take a little detour by bike and visit some beautiful streets of Wittevrouwen and Zeeheldenbuurt. Dream away when passing the old houses with gardens facing ditches, where the barges are waiting for a trip through the canals.

Botanic gardens at Utrecht Science Park

Botanic gardens, Utrecht
Botanic gardens

You have now entered Park Bloeyendael, an 8ha nature park with green walking paths and flower meadows surrounding a small pond. Drive further, pass some highways from underneath, and you bike onto the university campus: Utrecht Science Park. Where, right at the beginning, you find botanic gardens, covering nine hectares. A beautiful and wide area with various different gardens. Take your time to walk around and see and smell all the different colours and scents of the enormous variety of trees, plants and flowers.

Estates Amelisweerd & Rhijnauwen

Choose the biking route behind the botanic garden, a green scenery with little city gardens. Because of the wide set-up it is rather nice biking around on University campus de Uithof. And it is only a few minutes pedalling from the nature park Amelisweerd, surrounding Fort bij Rhijnauwen. A beautiful piece of nature. Many trees, green fields inviting you for a picnic, a fort surrounded by water and river Krommerijn circling around the edges of the park. Many walking and biking routes enable to enjoy all of this.

Canoeing on river Krommerijn, Utrecht
Canoeing at river Krommerijn

Don't fancy a pic nic? There are also plenty of restaurants to have a bite to eat or a drink. Both inside as on the terrace. Enjoy pancakes and drinks in this beautiful scenery, right beside the river, at Theehuis Rhijnauwen. A bit further, a country manor houses hostel stayokay with a café stayokay with a café in the neighbouring coach house. Wander off the route a little if you fancy a nice lunch consisting of home-baked bread at Restaurant Vroeg in Bunnik.

Not only at Theehuis Rhijnauwen you have nice views over the river. Read further for more Utrecht canal-side terraces

Rietveld Schröderhuis & Wilhelminapark

Rietveld Schröderhuis, Utrecht
Rietveld Schröderhuis

To return to Utrecht, take Vossegatsedijk, which turns into Weg naar Rhijnauwen right at Restaurant het Oude Tolhuys. A nice broad bicycle street – with cars being guests – brings you left onto Sophocleslaan/ Prins Hendriklaan where you pass Rietveld Schröderhuis the architectural highlight of De Stijl. Straight ahead and you have reached beautiful Wilhelminapark. A rather large city park, surrounded by mansions overlooking this national monument.The willows are weeping in the pond and the green fields are widely used for pic nics.

Wilhelminapark, Utrecht

City shopping at Burgemeester Reigerstraat

Cross the park, turn right and then turn left at the roundabout, onto Burgemeester Reigerstraat. A very nice city shopping street full of delicacies’ stores, some interior shopping and a great place for tapas. Bike further and the street turns into Nachtegaalstraat, pass the theatre, while crossing the bridge back into city center at Nobelstraat. Have an icecream at Luciano or a burger at Meneer Smakers to finish off. Straight ahead and you are back at Neude.

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