Arriving at Utrecht Central Station, many people choose to go directly to Utrecht city center via shopping mall Hoog Catharijne. Though, when you are looking for a good place to have lunch, dinner or drinks, also Utrecht West has a lot to offer – often on walking distance. In this blog I’ll share a number of nice places for you to get some inspiration, so that next time you leave Central Station at exit Jaarbeurs.

Update December ’20: Corona heeft er helaas toe geleid dat de restaurants dicht moeten. Gelukkig zijn er een heel aantal die doen aan bezorgen / afhalen. In de roze update blokken vind je de leukste tips voor een lekker maaltje of drankje to go voor in en om Utrecht Lombok.

If you like to see more of Utrecht West, check the city walk through the neighbourhoods Lombok and Oog in Al..

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Kaart Utrecht West restaurants


Landhuis in de Stad

Voor koffie, taart en lunch loop je elke dag tot 18u langs het to-goloket van Landhuis in de Stad. Tussen 16-18u kun je er ook je  – voor 15u bestelde – ovenmaaltijd ophalen. Of deze laten bezorgen.

Hidden between the trees of Park Oog in Al, you will find Landhuis in de Stad. Build in the 18th century, accompanied by a little dome used as a tea house. It’s a dignified place with a low-key function as meeting place for neighbours and a place to have some food and drinks. Both inside as on the terrace. Very nice place to meet up for a coffee, lunch or a beer.

Lombok Fish

If you like fish and are not looking for a fancy-looking lunch place go to Lombok Fish. On a corner at lively and multicultural Kanaalstraat, you can choose your own fresh fish platter. It’s prepared while you wait. A splendid quality lunch for a decent price in a small snack-bar.

Molen de Ster

Molen de Ster biedt wekelijks een variërend winters menu aan met o.a. huisgemaakte stamppotten, soepen en lekkere zoetigheid. Bestel dagelijks voor 13u en haal af tussen 16-18u. Voor bezorgmogelijkheden kun je bellen.

From Leidseweg you have a great view on Molen de Ster , across the canal. A fairy-tale-like view, with the reflection of the mill in the water, accompanied by some beautiful weeping willows. The quite terrace is shared with some goats and overlooks the canal. The wooden trunks in the water remind of the old working days of the mill. Sit and relax at the small café (with small menu) or enjoy a guided tour. Molen de Ster is also used as cultural venue, check the calendar.


Café Lombok

Kies een borrelbox, één van de verschillende voor- hoofd- en nagerechten of een paar lekkere biertjes van Eetcafé Lombok. Afhalen en Bezorgen.

Situated on the corner of the most dignified street of Lombok, the J.P. Coenstraat, and the busy Vleutenseweg, is Café Lombok. A cosy café to play games or drink one of the many local beers they have on offer. It feels like one big living room. The menu consists of good food, occasionally with surprising meals not to be found in a random café.

Strand Oog in Al (SOIA)

SOIA, city beach, Utrecht

Strand in Oog in Al is in de winter gesloten.

In the far end of Oog in Al city-beach SOIA, surrounded by Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal, created a super-chill place in spring and summer. Most popular on sunny days. Big, and often busy, terrace for food and drinks. And lots of grass to chill on your own picknick blanket. No swimming allowed.

SOIA has a perfect canal-side terrace, fortunately it's not the only one in Utrecht. Read further for more canal-side terraces in Utrecht.

The Green House

the Green House restaurant Utrecht

Bij the Green House haal je donderdag t/m zaterdag je lunch-to-go of diner-to-go box (vanaf 2 personen) op tussen 16-18u. Één dag van tevoren voor 15u te bestellen.

The Green House is completely circular and sustainably build. The ground floor is an open and light space – windows all over – with couches and tables. The first floor suits the urban farm, where ingredients grow.

The Anthony

the Anthony courtyard terrace, Utrecht

The Anthony Hotel is helaas tijdelijk gesloten. Op 20 januari 2021 worden de deuren weer geopend.

In 2019, after a thorough renovation, the Anthony opened its doors in an old convent, opposite the St. Antonius church at Kanaalstraat, in lively Lombok. A so-called urban city hotel, with a hip chic interior and some magnificent-looking rooms. Don’t worry, if you don’t sleep here you are also welcome to enjoy your coffee, beer or dinner in the restaurant or outside in the courtyard. The old convent walls, with its stained wall windows and newly formed hotel rooms, embrace you with a peacefulness that honours the building’s former destination.

Standing in front of the Anthony, you don't realise there is such a fine courtyard hidden behind the convent walls. Read further for more hidden-gem terraces in Utrecht.

Mr Black and the White Ox

Mr Black & the White Ox heeft een uitgebreide lunch- (di-vr) en dinerkaart (di-zo) om af te halen of te laten bezorgen. Ook leuk: de Blackbox!

The Blend, the old headquarter of the coffee factories of Douwe Egberts, locate two restaurants.The bar, Mr Black, is a place for drinks, comfort-food and shared meals. The White Ox a bistro with a multi-course menu of choice, based on known and lesser-known herbs and spices. Accompanied by wine from the extensive wine cellar. 


Ga in het weekend gezellig thuis brunchen of dineren met Kantien. Zowel afhalen als bezorgen.

In an old factory building, Kantien created a surprisingly nice place in a not-very-inspiring environment. Big restaurant. Likewise terrace. Good atmosphere. It feels like eating in a very fine-tuned second-hand shop. We shared dishes with lots of veggies and surprising combinations on the plate.

Buurten in de Fabriek

Buurten in de Fabriek heeft van alles om af te halen (di-zo): lunch, soep, taartjes, burgers en Buurten favorites.

On the edge of Park Oog in Al and the Merwedekanaal the 1908 Cereolfabriek, completely transformed in 2014, houses a theatre room, a primary school and a library. At the great terrace or inside at Buurten in de Fabriek, you can enjoy food and drinks almost any time of day. While viewing over the houseboats, the locks across the Merwedekanaal and the Lombok houses on the other side of the canal.



Bestel die lekkere bastacosi pizza en haal deze af of laat bezorgen als je in een postcodegebied rondom één van de vestigingen woont.

Bastacosi is a very nice, low-key, semi-self service pizza place to eat marvellous pizza’s in a friendly atmosphere. You can also eat bastacosi pizza at Biltstraat in Wittevrouwen and close to Wilhelminapark.

Miyagi & Jones

Laat sushi, een bowl of één van de lekkere Miyagi and Jones specials thuis bezorgen (di-zo) of kies voor de Big Box of Bites voor bij de borrel!

Miyagi & Jones is a trendy Asian restaurant, that’s also a good place for drinks and bites, with an industrial look. Graffiti paintings cover the walls as well as black tiles and pieces of tree trunk. The place is dark, though with well-lit tables, which makes the big place feel cosy. Menu is Asian-oriented, with lots of choice and (sharing) dishes varying in size.

Jasmijn & ik

Woensdag t/m zondag wordt de Jasmijn & ik box (voor 2 personen) bij je thuisbezorgd (check je postcodegebied, ook af te halen, van tevoren bestellen). Er zijn ook andere opties (bij) te bestellen.

Jasmijn & ik is a nice Asian restaurant with a mix of Thai, Vietnamese and Cantonese dishes. Without the TL-lighting. Situated right at Kanaalstraat, with a few outside tables on the sidewalk. Lovely food at a lovely restaurant.


Fico voor thuis bezorgt dagelijks een 4-gangendiner of een box met een compleet diner voor 2 tussen 15:30 en 18:30u in heel Utrecht en omstreken! Voor 9u bestellen voor bezorging, tot 15u kun je nog bestellen om af te halen. 1-14 januari gesloten.

Situated in an architectonical building with large windows, Fico serves a fine dinner with pairing wines, while overlooking the iconic U-Trechters and the ship’s masts in the harbour. You can choose from some set menus, that are often changed.

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Linda · May 31, 2020 at 6:45 pm

Hey! Ik zag je berichtje op Facebook. Je mist nog: Smoesjes, Café West, Punk Pizza, VanPlanten, Koffie&ik, Bagels&beans Haroekoeplein, Kanaalzicht, cafe de Windhoek(gaat morgen open met nieuwe eigenaar…)

    gotravelinge · May 31, 2020 at 7:04 pm

    Hi Linda, thanks voor je bericht! Ik zet ze op m’n lijstje om te bezoeken 🙂 Wat is jouw favoriet?

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